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About the Company

            The Temryuk Sea Port (TSP) located at the Azov Sea shore maintains transshipment of most important Russian and transit freights. Presently, several stevedore companies operate in the TSP of which the Temryuk Maritime Transportation LLC (Temryukmortrans LLC, hereafter, TMT LLC) established in August 1993, is the biggest.

The TMT LLC contributes to the towns expansion coming as Temryuk harbors largest port system to transship over 70 % of the Temryuk Ports freight stream.

The TMT LLC is an affiliate of the Gazprom PLC.

Major activities include: maritime coastal and overseas freighting; vessel treatment and export-import operations at the transfer point of the Temryuk Port; handling; dock storage; inward and outward customs; warehousing; forwarding; agent services.

The Port runs a variety of related facilities for freight handling in vessels, freight-cars, and vehicles: loading terminals, freight depots, and stocking machines enabling to handle over 500 thousand ton of freight yearly.

Total area of the TMT LLC is over 340,000 square meters. The TMT LLC concentrates on transshipping of tankers, lumber carriers, as well as general-purpose cargoes including chests and metals.

The TMT LLCs transportation and service structure includes a motor road, power supply lines, a branch railway, load and unload sidings, a freight overload board, and 3 loading terminals of total length of 392 m.

The terminals can handle river-marine vessels with an immersion capacity (draft) of 4.6 m - 5 m. One of the terminals has been redeveloped to handle the roll-on-roll-off ferries.

Currently, some dredging is under way to enable the port complex of the
TMT LLC to handle the vessels having a draft of 5.5 m to 6 m.



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